Double Exposure

Fresh Contours

The raised landfill is all rump and scraggy
in that gap in the country called nowhere,
free to spread within its wilderness

new filth and mulch, a rich lingering tang
over brick and track, right of way to fields.
Enclosed, long buried brown sludge, trash-mountain,

it’s where seagulls fall in line behind truck drops
and diggers uproot to heave and pitch
crammed folds, life’s wrappings, loose, so hit and miss.

G. F. Phillips
(Broadcast on audio website)

Dodgem Cars

Too busy chasing others
caught in the spurt
of circuit.

Next time round
we’d make a better effort
and quell made-to-measure screams.

So we shoved
others aside at random
then got ourselves cornered.

It was all that temptation
in not having
to play the game straight.

G. F. Phillips
(Broadcast on audio website)