Saturday Neet

A short song as part of the WEA NE at 100 years.

It’s standin’ room only in the bar
An’ the lads are full o’ glee
For we’re bound ower for the year
An’ sup as one big family.

Saturday neet is our neet oot,
Saturday neet for us lads;
An’ we’re all here for a good sing-song
An’ a good crack t’ be had.

Our pit shaft’s sunk an’ doon we gan,
We’ve dug it oot a–plenty;
An’ what we’ve won is man for man,
Like our jars they’re never empty.

Saturday neet is our neet oot, etc.

Our pianist chap he loves Woodbine
For a drink or two he’s in;
He knocks oot a tune we aal knaa
So he’ll play it ower again.

Saturday neet is our neet oot, etc.

Saturday neet is our neet oot,
Saturday neet as ever;
Then oot o’ the blue somebody shouts:

(recit)  “Haven’t ye all got hymes te gan te?”

G. F. Phillips

  • Saturday Night by Oliver Kilbourn.  As William Feaver puts it in relation to the Mass Observation Unit’s documentation of the pitmen in the 1930s ‘the diffident photographer, always on the threshold of other people’s worlds, feeling intrusive, couldn’t hope to match [this painting’s] friends and neighbours informality.’
  • (pp 90, Pitmen Painters The Ashington Group 1934-1984, William Feaver, Carcanet Press, 1993).

A version of this song was recorded for a film on the work of the WEA in its centenary year:   A Century of Learning by World Sight Media Ltd, 2012.

Our pianist chap won’t play for cash
For a drink or two he plays;
The songs he knaas he won’t make flash
Because he knaas nay other way.

Saturday neet is our neet oot,
An’ we’ll sing with aal our might;
Saturday neet an’ the more we sup
Then the more we put the world t’ reets.



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