JOHN BALL: Come Ye All Who Labour

From stipend and yew tree to field ditch and oak shade he went out among the labourers of farm and mill, even back to the sacred yard. Him of all people left with no fixed address, a hungry candidate, not for sainthood that was lost with his waywardness from a […]

Reading it Right

“Stick to the facts!” said the dictatorial Thomas Gradgrind in trying to teach their reliability to the schoolchildren in his class, “the little pitchers before him’, in the 1854 novel Hard Times by Charles Dickens. The question of interpreting a well-publicised fact is very much the centre of the latest […]

Listen and be Heard

Nearly four years and counting, with almost 1,000 visitors a day, it’s enough time and support to review the spoken word site: The owner of the site, Rachel Cochrane, is a published author who has sent her work out in the past to well-established publishers, only to come to […]

Saturday Neet

A short song as part of the WEA NE at 100 years. SATURDAY NEET* It’s standin’ room only in the bar An’ the lads are full o’ glee For we’re bound ower for the year An’ sup as one big family. Saturday neet is our neet oot, Saturday neet for […]

Bait Time

A short song as part of the WEA NE at 100 years. Lyrics Bait Time* Wi’ me an’ me pony there’s this tub, It’s time again for haulin’; An’ as black nuggets smash and fall, It’s grit and sweat I’m tastin’. Oh, Bait time is a long time comin’. Bait […]


A short piece called ‘Eastwind’ Background to the East Wind song: Librettist:  G. F. Phillips. Music:  Michael Szpakowski. Extract from an interview with Michael Szpakowski by Nathaneil Stern, March 2006, Rhizome Net Art News. NS: I hadn’t seen your “Five Operas” Shockwave works (5 Operas ) , and they kind of […]

The Square and Compass

My current project is The Square & Compass:  A Folksong Cycle for St Mary’sIsland and Its Surrounds, North Tyneside. It is a collection of poems as song lyrics that has been set to music by folksong composer, John Bushby.  The sixteen songs run chronologically and follow the compass point from […]

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First Love

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