Bait Time

A short song as part of the WEA NE at 100 years.


Bait Time*

Wi’ me an’ me pony there’s this tub,
It’s time again for haulin’;
An’ as black nuggets smash and fall,
It’s grit and sweat I’m tastin’.

Oh, Bait time is a long time comin’.
Bait time is a long way doon.
Bait time is a long time comin’.
Bait time cannot come t’ soon.

This tub is empty the filler fills,
An’ there’s little time t’ spare;
It’s thirsty work – it seems nay end
In this foul an’ dirty air -.

Oh, bait time, etc.

Now it’s our tub we must haul away
An’ it rolls an’ squeaks in the dark;
But I knaas when it’s time t’ stop
Wi’ me belly’s rumblin’ tark.

Oh, bait time, etc.

Well, me sarnies have their rich fruit seam,
Me pony grabs a bit;
An’ when it’s broken off for him
He makes short wark o’ it.

Oh, bait time was a long time comin’.
Bait time man and beast must choose.
Bait time was a long time comin’.
Bait time there’s nay time t’ lose’.

  1. F. Phillips

*   based on a painting by Jimmy Floyd, Bait Time, 1946.

Experience gives to Jimmy Floyd’s Bait Time its air of complicity as the pony reaches over to take a bit of jam sandwich.’

(from Pitmen Painters:  The Ashington Group 1934-1984 by William Feaver, Mid-Northumberland Arts Group, Carcanet Press, 1993).

A version of this song was recorded for a film about the work of the WEA in its centenary year:  A Century of Learning, Part 2 by World Sight Media Ltd, 2012.


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